Motorcycle Routes

Waterfall Wonders
 Catch a glimpse of Hawaii's stunning waterfalls along this scenic route.
Minimum 6 hours.
Umauma Falls
- From Big Island Motorcycle Co., take a left at the traffic signal, heading north on Hwy 11.
- After about 10 miles you will come to a T. Take a right, heading toward Waimea.
- Waimea is a good stopping point for snacks/coffee/gas (10 miles from the T intersection). Honoka'a (20 miles from T intersection) is also good and they have Tex Drive-In, famous for malasadas, aka Portuguese donuts. 
- Continue along Hwy 19 toward Hilo. The highway takes you in and out of several gorgeous gulches, some of which have waterfalls streaming down the middle. CAUTION: if you feel the need to pull over and take pictures, please remember that this is a highway with a speed limit of 55mph. Slowing down or coming to a stop in this road is extremely dangerous. Please find an appropriate pull-out before stopping along the road.
- After passing the Laupahoehoe lookout you will see signs for a "Scenic Route" to your right. Take it! This road takes you along the old highway and through sugarcane fields of the past.
- Look for the signs for World Botanical Gardens and Gardens Visitor Center toward the end of the scenic route. Inside the gardens is Umauma Falls (pictured above), Kamaee Falls, and of course a wonderful array of tropical plants. Entrance fee is $13 per adult and is well worth it.
- Get back on Hwy 19 heading toward Hilo. Watch for the signs to Honomu and Akaka Falls after a few miles, it will be a right turn. There are a couple turns after exiting the highway, but there is signage to help you.
- At Akaka Falls State park there are two waterfalls, Akaka and Kahuna Falls. There is a moderately easy 1/2 walking trail to the falls viewing areas. At the time of writing entrance was free, however this is slated to change soon.
Akaka Falls
  - Hop back on Hwy 19 toward Hilo. After a couple miles you will see signs for another scenic route to your left, take it! This road takes you through dense jungle, and passes some baby waterfalls along the way. Please use CAUTION on this road as it is often wet, slippery, and has some very tight turns. Best to take this road slow and easy.
- The scenic route will take you back to the Hwy 19, continue toward Hilo. The hwy brings you right into downtown Hilo, which is worth a stop to walk around. We especially love Lilioukalani Park and Banyan Drive. You will want to get gas here, there is no gas where you are heading next.
- Find Waianuenue Avenue (your first right from the hwy), also the main road that cuts through downtown Hilo heading west. Look for the signs to Rainbow Falls, turn will be to your right. Admission free.
Rainbow Falls
 - Get back on Waianuenue (heading west) which turns into State Hwy 200, aka Saddle Road. CAUTION: there is a 3 mile strip of road along Saddle that is unpaved (hard-pack gravel). It is fine to take the motorcycles on this road, but use caution. If, after visiting Rainbow Falls you get hit with a lot of rain or foggy conditions, it will only get worse along the Saddle, so you may want to consider re-tracing your steps to get back. This is true if it is getting dark, there are no street lights on Saddle and it gets DARK. Also, Saddle Road gets very high in elevation so it's gets darn chilly, bring a jacket (provided with rentals).
- If you took Saddle Road, take a left at the T intersection after about 30 miles, then an almost immediate right toward Waikoloa. Descend down this road 10 miles until you hit another T at Hwy 11. Take a left at the light then a right at the next light to reach Big Island Motorcycle Co.

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For amazing views try out this
Mauna Kea Route


- From Big Island Motorcycle Co. make a left at the light onto Highway 19.

- At the next traffic signal turn right onto Waikoloa Road.

- Take this road until you reach the T (about 12 miles) and take a left onto Mamalohoa Hwy

- After about 5 miles you will need to take a right onto Hwy 200 aka Saddle Road.

- Continue on Saddle Road for about 25 miles and make a left on the Mauna Kea Access Road. Stop at the visitor center on your right.

Visitor Center

Owner Dustin - Shaka!

- There is a bathroom for public use between the Saddle Road Junction and the Mauna Kea Access Road, look for the "campground" with the little cabins. Otherwise there are no facilities until you reach the visitor center on Mauna Kea where you can buy snacks and drinks and use the restroom. There is absolutely NO gas station on Saddle Road so be sure to fill up before heading out.

- You may not ride the motorcycle past the visitor center on Mauna Kea due to dangerous road conditions requiring a 4WD vehicle however from the visitor center there are amazing views within a short 10 minute hike as well as a place to view the endangered silversword plant.

- The visitor center itself is very interesting as they have loads of information about the Mauna Kea observatories and related information.

- Jackets and riding gear are included with your motorcycle and if you choose to take this route we highly recommend wearing some gear as it gets real cold at the high elevations.

- One of the best parts about this route is heading back toward the ocean from the mountain. You can feel the air gradually heat up and the views are, of course, amazing!

- To get back to Big Island Motorcycle Co., simply retrace your steps.

Double Valley Ride
Minimum 4 hours
Waipio Valley Overlook

-     From Big Island Motorcycle Co. in Waikoloa, head north on Hwy 19 by taking a left at the traffic signal.
-     After about 10 miles you will reach a T intersection, take a left onto Hwy 270 toward Hawi.
-     You will want to explore the towns of Hawi and Kapa'au, about another 30 miles. Very cute restaurants, galleries, and shops. The King Kamehameha statue is in Kapa'au.
-     Keep going on 270 until the road ends, this is Pololu Valley.
Owner Gwen with her folks at Pololu

-     You can hike down into Pololu Valley if you wish and check out the very beautiful black sand beach (not good for swimming though). This takes about an hour round trip if you don't hang at the beach for very long. The trail is steep but quick and manageable for most ability levels.
-     From here you will want to find Hwy 250 toward Waimea. You will have to back track a few miles and look for the signs on your left. If you miss the first turn-off, there is another one in the town of Hawi.
-     Hwy 250 is our favorite ride on the island. Twisty roads, sparse traffic, and stunning scenery make it a must-ride. This highway runs along the spine of the Kohala mountains so it's cool and shady and you will be able to see the landscape all the way down to the ocean. Gorgeous.

Hwy 250
Hwy 250

-     At the T intersection make a left. Then make another left at the traffic light onto Hwy 19 toward Honokaa. You will be in the town of Waimea. There are many places to stop and have a bite here as well as good shopping and even a visit to the historic Parker Ranch.
-     Continue on Hwy 19 toward Honokaa for about 13 miles and make a left onto Plumeria St (look for the signs that say Honokaa and Waipio Valley).
-    Make another left at the stop sign onto Waipio Road. Take this road about 7 miles, following the signs to Waipio Valley.

Waipio Valley (sorry bout the finger!)
-     You can enjoy the views of Waipio Valley from the overlook but you will not be able to ride into the valley on your motorcycle. The grade is very steep and the park rangers will stop you anyway. If you wish to go into the valley, you can walk down (a mile down, very tough, especially on the way back up) or catch a ride from someone in a 4WD.
-    You will want to check out Honokaa town (the town you passed through when you made a L at the stop sign to get to Waipio). They have some fun shops and Tex's Drive In makes the best malasadas (Portugese Donuts).
-     To get back to Big Island Motorcycle Co. get back to Hwy 19 and head toward Waimea. You will have to make a right onto Lindsey St. to stay on Hwy 19 then after 10 miles you will need to make a left to stay on Hwy 19 (toward Kona). Turn right onto Waikoloa Beach Drive after another 10 miles and find us in the Kings' Shops.

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Volcano Run
Plus Circle Island
Minimum 7 hours

- Starting from Big Island Motorcycle Co. in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, head south on Queen Kaahumanu Highway(Hwy 19). This road will take you all the way to Volcanoes National Park, 128 miles.
- We recommend starting out by 8am. Since we don't open til 9:30am please call to arrange an early pick up if you'd like to do this route.
- On the way to the volcano, stop at Hana Hou restaurant in Naalehu for coffee and good grinds, don't miss the dessert case, yum. This little place has a great old Hawaii ambiance and is a fun spot to take a break. There is a gas station nearby, you will want to fill up here.

- Continue on south to Volcanoes National Park, there is a small entry fee per vehicle. Once inside, stop at the visitor's center for information and maps. Be aware that you will not see any flowing lava inside the national park, but you are likely to see some pretty amazing steam vents (this is where all the vog comes from).

- We recommend following Crater Rim Drive which circles the Kilauea Caldera. Also please be aware that portions of Crater Rim Drive have been closed recently due to volcanic activity. There are many places to stop and explore along the drive. We like the Steam Vents, the Jaggar Museum, and the Thurston Lava Tube.

- Continue on down Chain of Craters Road which will take you all the way to the ocean. This road is very scenic and many times you can see the steam rising from the ocean where lava is flowing in. Please be aware that this road can get very windy. If you are uncomfortable riding in high winds, skipping this portion of the park might be in your best interest.
- You could easily spend a whole day exploring the park, so we recommend selecting a few highlights you want to see and limit your visit to about 2 or 3 hours so that you will have plenty of time to ride back.
- Once you are done exploring the park, head back out to the highway continuing in the same direction, toward Hilo. There are facilities (bathrooms, food) inside the park or you can stop in Volcano Village where there are restaurants and gas stations.
- Continue on past Hilo, past Honokaa, and into Waimea. Once in Waimea, you will want to get on Kawaihae Road, marked as Lindsey Road, which is a right turn at the stoplight near the big shopping center on your left.

- Continue west for about 10 miles then turn left onto Highway 19. After about 9 miles, turn right on Waikoloa Beach Drive and make your way back to Big Island Motorcycle Co.

- We don't recommend making plans for any major stops in Hilo or along the way back as you will likely be pretty tired at this point and it's a long ride back. Just enjoy the ride. You will want to make sure you get back with some daylight left as the roads here get very dark at night and besides, you wouldn't want to miss any scenery, especially between Hilo and Honokaa. Get gas in Hilo, Honokaa, or Waimea, depending on where you filled up previously. There is also a gas station adjacent to Big Island Motorcycle Co.

- A full day motorcycle rental is only $140 and includes insurance and riding gear. Call or write to reserve your adventure today! 808-886-2011 or

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Kohala Mountain Road  
2.5 hours round trip with no stops

      - From our shop, get on Queen Kaahumanu Highway (Hwy 19) traveling north.
      - At the T-intersection, make a right toward Waimea (east).  You will be on Kawaihae Rd.
      - After about 5 miles, make a left onto Kohala Mountain Rd.
      - Take this road all the way into the town of Hawi, enjoying fun, twisty roads and amazing ranchland scenery.
      - Hawi is a great spot for shopping, eating, and walking around. Very quaint little town.
      - Once you've had your fill, make your way north on Akoni Pule Hwy (the main road through town) to the end of the road where you will see the beautiful Pololu Valley. The steep hike down into the valley and black sand beach below takes about 20 minutes. The difficult hike is well worth it! Be advised that swimming is not recommended at this beach due to surf and ocean current conditions.
      - To get back to Big Island Motorcycle Co., you can come back the way you came, or simply hop back on Akoni Pule Hwy going south, make a right onto Hwy 19, then right on Waikoloa Beach Drive.
      - This route could easily take all day depending on how much and for how long you stop. Great scenery, fun stops, by far our favorite ride on this island!

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Holualoa (Kona Upper Road) Ride  
3 hours round trip with no stops

      - This ride will take you through various climate zones including barren lava fields, lush jungle, and Kona's famous coffee country. Just a few minutes from Kona, yet a world away.
      - From Big Island Motorcycle Co. head North on Hwy 19 to Waikoloa Rd.
      - Take a right onto Waikoloa Road. Continue East until you reach the T at Hwy 190 (Hawaii Belt Road).
      - Take a right, going South on Hwy 190. Continue heading south, about 20 miles.
      - Take the next Left after passing Hina Lani St (a traffic signal) onto Mamalohoa Hwy (Hwy 180)
      - You will pass the town of Holualoa. This is worth a stop to check out art galleries, have a bite to eat (try Holuakoa Cafe), or take in some of the sights of this historic town.
      - After traveling about 12 miles on Mamalohoa Hwy you will come to an intersection where the road "ends." Take a hard right at the stop sign, this puts you on Hwy 11 traveling North.
      - Stay on this highway for 30 miles, taking a left at Waikoloa Beach Drive to cruise on back to Big Island Motorcycle Co.
      - Keep in mind you will be passing several coffee farms along this route. Many of the farms allow tours, so plan to spend some time checking out coffee country. Here are some we like: Mauka Meadows (gorgeous), and Buddha's Cup, (fun ride up to the farm and good, personalized tours).
      - Please note this map only shows the first half of the route in blue, google maps doesn't like the route when I try and type it in. You can "imagine" the rest of the route by reading the directions above. 

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